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Bheemashankar B (BB796712)
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Posted: May 12, 2020
Last activity: October 19, 2020

NBA Designer - Pega Marketing 8.4

Hi Team,

We are building a new Marketing App on 8.4 and planning to utilize NBA Designer. Looks like Pega's recommendation is to use NBA designer from 8.4 onwards and get away with Traditional Campaigns approach.

Business would like to run 3 recurring schedules on any given day. And each run would target specific audience, offers and adaptive model. Offers data would be delivered to downstream systems in the form file(s). 

1.Has anyone came across above scenario and implemented using NBA designer?  Can NBA designer support the above scenario?

2.Any learnings/inputs to share w.r.t. NBA Designer.

No real-time triggers for strategy execution.

P.S. We already have 10+ multi-channel campaigns running in 7.4 version in PROD. The above mentioned app setup is on a brand new 8.4 instance.

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