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Posted: March 29, 2020
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Need to access a third party javascript lib location in pega (pdftron Webviewer Integration)

We are trying to integrate pega with PDFtron software, Webviewer is a  javascript library used to load pdf files in a client web browser.

Could you please suggest us.

Sample javascript


<script>   WebViewer({     path: 'WebViewer/lib', // path to the PDFTron 'lib' folder on your server     licenseKey: 'Insert commercial license key here after purchase',    pdftronServer: 'http://XXXXX:9090/', // comment this out to do client-side only

    initialDoc: 'https://XXXX/webviewer-demo.pdf',     // initialDoc: '/path/to/my/file.pdf',  // You can also use documents on your server


document.getElementById('viewer'))   .then(instance => {     const docViewer = instance.docViewer;     const annotManager = instance.annotManager;     // call methods from instance, docViewer and annotManager as needed

    // you can also access major namespaces from the instance as follows:     // const Tools = instance.Tools;     // const Annotations = instance.Annotations;

    docViewer.on('documentLoaded', () => {       // call methods relating to the loaded document     });   });


How to reference this lib folder location in pega?



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