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Need to auto download the file without the options Open and Save file

Hi, I am able to download the file but my requirement is to download the file with out asking any option 'Open' or 'Save' file should auto download.

Below code is working for auto download but when user try to save the same, File name showing some thread name(having issue only in IE).

Expected: TextFile.pdf

Currently:!@3e7785c9ca4843f7ca63cc5f3e9ed8c7!OpenPortal base = new;
String LTRFileName = tools.getParamValue("FileName");
String EDGSContent = tools.getParamValue("EDGSBinaryContent");

LTRFileName = LTRFileName+".pdf";

HashStringMap aMap = new HashStringMap();
aMap.put( "ContentDisposition", "inline; filename="+LTRFileName+";");

byte[] printData = base.decode(EDGSContent.getBytes());
String sErrorMessage1 = tools.sendFile(printData, LTRFileName, false,aMap, false);

Please suggest me to acheive my requirement.



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