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Posted: March 13, 2017
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need Changes needs to be done to Runtime Config file to make it invoke AgileDesktop.EXE

Openspan version : 7.1.90 .. I have developed Agile desktop solution and tested it in studio Agile UI,Window form, Everything worked perfectly and locally deployed which inturn created Proj.Openspan and Proj.Manifest files.

Now I have launched Openspan Runtime.exe and try to load local project and located Proj.Openspan file. Project got Loaded successfully

But issue is I cannot see the Agile Desktop UI, in simple Agile desktop application is not running.

I have read all the Agile implementation guide and everything but cant find the catch here.

Let me know what knid of settings i need to do it Runtime Config file so that when i launch my package using Runtime.exe agile desktop runs.

or let me know other wise

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