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Kiran Kumar Etikela (ETIKELAK)
Virtusa Corp.
Virtusa Corp.
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Posted: March 13, 2019
Last activity: March 13, 2019

Need clarification on execution


To populate the data into the newly added/exposed column in the work table, we are following the Pega recommended approach "Database Column populator" by updating file as advised in the below post:

However, we encountered an issue as below:

[echo] ****************************************************************************************************************** [echo] Performing 'expose' on system using properties /opt/applications/pega/cicd-base-sd-hfix/scripts/utils/ failed.

[echo] Cause:

[echo] The following error occurred while executing this line:

[echo] /opt/applications/pega/cicd-base-sd-hfix/scripts/utils/prpcUtils.xml:277: src '/opt/applications/pega/cicd-base-sd-hfix/archives/' doesn't exist.


Pega support reviewed the issue and confirmed that '/archives/' is missing and advised to request for Pega 7.2 media file. We got the Pega 7.2 media file, but it is more than 3.2 GB in size and it contain lot of files along with 'Archives' folder which was missing as per above error. As we have some space constraints to move from one environment to another environment (using BitBucket/UDeploy process), wanted to understand what are all the files we can consider to execute file successfully.

We also notice that this pega 7.2 media file have 'rules' folder which has 'PRPC_Rules.jar (2.21GB in size)', 'PRPC_Data.jar (336KB in size)', 'SysConfigTemplates.jar (6KB in size)'. Can we ignore these files from this media file to migrate to higher environments?

Please clarify.


Kiran Etikela

Pega Platform System Administration Installation and Deployment
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