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Posted: December 21, 2020
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Need to cleanup .pr_index_reference 

I have installed PEGA using command line and it was successful .Now I was trying to load the CRM module I am facing terrible performance issue and I come across the below article  

PR_INDEX_REFERENCE   table has morethan 1.3 Million .This is fresh PEGA 8.4.3 Installation  select count(*) from PegaRules.pr_index_reference  1038909 REfered Below article

1. Delete all application rulesets that are no longer needed. 2. Use the dev tools to remove the ruleset(s). See #2 for an alternate approach. Approach # 2:

Step 1:Use the cleanup.bat/ script available in the ../scripts dir of each build to generate SQL that deletes all of the old PRPC rules. All rules prior to the current major release will be deleted. The generated script can be cut and pasted into SQL dev. Change the ruleset name and version as appropriate to delete old application rules via the DB. Step 2: Using SQL dev or a similar application run the generated script to delete the old PRPC rules. Issue the commit command after the deletion.

Step 3: Truncate the <rules schema>.pr_index_reference table and rebuild all indexes for this table. See example below: - truncate table <rules schema>."PR_INDEX_REFERENCE"; - alter index <rules schema>."INDEX_REFPORT" rebuild // do this for each index

Step 4:. Rebuild the pr_index_reference table using prpcUtils. PrpcUtils is a script available with every build (PRPC media) and can be found in the ../scripts dir. - In the .../scripts dir update the file. - Set the DB connection and schema details as appropriate for your system. See example below - Update the "Settings for Expose Tool" section to include the Rule- class and its decedents. See example below.    I am not able to give proper class information .Could you please where can I see this information 

expose.classes.included=Data-Insurance,Data-Insurance-Auto export.included.descendent=true 

To run the prpcutils.bat  expose command expose.classes.included= is mandatory ..Since I dont have information I have used the Data-Insurance,Data-Insurance-Auto export.included.descendent=true.

Kindly share me the file for fresh installation  and fresh export jar files. 


- Run prpcUtils.bat or with the expose option. For example. prpcUtils.bat expose This will resave all of the rules in the system triggering a rebuild of the pr_index_reference data. This will take about 30 minutes.

Step 5: Rebuild the stats on <rules schema>.pr_index_reference table.

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