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Rohit Sharma (RohitS22)
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Posted: September 6, 2017
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Need to compare two string values

I have two strings value and I have to compare those. For that I have used String expression but it won't work.
My requirement is that :
I have two compare two string's values.
My requirement is like that :
I fetched a case ID from email and store it in a global variable. Let's say - var1.
Now I fetch case ID from pega and it is stored in pega property - CaseID
Now I have to compare the values of these two properties.
I already try using String expression(Var1 = CaseID = result ) In this case "result" is storing value of one of two properties and then when I compare it with Equal symbol then it asks for second string which we have to provide manually (and here whatever we provide it is taking as a "String Text" and not its value). So is there any way to pass the value of any one of the string as a text in second string?
Please help
Thanks in advance!!
Rohit Sharma
Robotic Process Automation
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