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Need to connect Cloud based Jenkins to On-Premises Pega local server.

Automated deployment implemented in lower environments(Non Prod) using Jenkins and PRPCServiceUtil for which they installed Jenkins instance on a On-Premises local server for this system. team also used PRPCServiceUtil to build Export and Import jobs.This is working fine.

Now these jobs to be used in Production environment. we want to use cloud based Enterprise Jenkins for automated deployment to Production environment. however Pega application is installed on On-Premises local server. Due to this cloud based Jenkins is not able to connect with On-Premises local Pega server.

Problem Statement: Need to connect Cloud based Jenkins to On-Premises Pega local server.

Possible Solutions(Thought by our team): We can have Cloud Jenkins instance as master and trigger jobs on slave Jenkins instance on local server. 

We need to do a POC for demonstrating this solution,any one did such integration already or any other alternate approach/solution for the problem statement please let us know.

Also share possible challenges and their solution faced during implementation of Master (Cloud Based) - Slave (On-Premise) system.

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