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Soumik Karmakar (SoumikK1)
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Ernst & Young LLP
Posted: May 4, 2020
Last activity: May 10, 2020

Need to forcefully log off operator's active session, if more than 10 hours

Hi Everyone,

We have a requirement to logout user active session which is more than 10 hours. Please note it's different from idel session time out at access group level which Pega provides. We need to forcefully log off operator's active session after 10 hours. 

We need help on how to achieve it. 

As of now we have tried following ways:

1. We treid to put somethig on UI level on click of existing button or some control we will run our activity and trigger pega's log off action in OOTB when the hours is more than 10. This will be placed in such a place where we are sure user will click or hover every now and then. This apparoach is not recommended as e are unsure which UI user will use more and most feequently.  This approach worked though.

2. Apprach 3 we tried to edit user work from and written a script to click a button which will be invisible on UI. On click of that button our time checking activity fires and then log off triggers if time is more than 10 hours. This worked too Now we have a situation, we are unsure where are the places on UI we may put this button.As we are platform team, we have many clients who will extend our platfrom and build their own application, so UI or portal will not be consistent in that case and change from time to time.

Can anyone suggest a solution in a better way ?


Pega Platform 8.3.1 Security Technology Services System Architect