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Need help on enabling High Availabiliy of VBD Nodes

I need to set up VBD and multiple GridGain nodes with high availability. There are four existing PRPC nodes which are D-Nodes too. The existing configuration is like below:


  • VBD with GridGain nodes on multiple systems

  • High Availability/Failover enabled for VBD

I have planned to

  • install VBD on two WAS Servers in the RT (Restricted Trusted) zone.

In the WAS Servers in RT zones, GriGain nodes will be used as server for Load Distribution.

Can I configure like below:


1. How many GridGain nodes need to be created in each WAS Server?

2. How the multicasting for GridGain nodes should be configured for each VBD node?

3. How high availability feature for VBD can be enabled?

4. Will the VBD nodes on two servers have the same I.P. Address or different I.P. Address for multicast?

5. If different multicast I.P. addresses are used in two different VBD nodes,

a. will there be a set of GridGain nodes serving to one VBD node and another set of GridGain nodes serving to another VBD node?

b. how the distributed load of a set of GridGain nodes under one VBD will be transferred to another set of GridGain nodes under another VBD node during failover if one VBD node fails?

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