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Posted: April 12, 2016
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need help regarding Class Structure

As a part of OBFS we have a section  AddQuickAddress in class PegaFS-Data-Party-Ind.

Now I need to customize the the above section by adding two new properties(custom properties)  to the section.

I am thing of doing it in two approaches can anybody validate the approaches?

Approach 1 : i need to add the new properties in the same class PegaFS-Data-Party-Ind and add them to the ootb section

Approach 2: i need to create a implementation Data (ABC-Test-Data) class which

will have direct in heritence with the dataclass PegaFS-Data-Party-Ind. and then i will create 2 new properties in the ABC-Test-Data and will copy the section

to the new class ABC-Test-Data then will add the new properties to the section ?

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