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Posted: July 1, 2016
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need help understanding harnesses

I have a separate issue regarding the definition of a work party in the initial steps of a case. One suggestion was to use the New harness in the first step--if I'm understanding this correctly, assignment shapes use the Perform harness by default.

Trouble is, I'm having issues understanding how exactly harnesses work in PRPC. (I'm using 7.1.9.) The training and other documentation lay out the basic/out of the box harness types, and creating your own harness type either from scratch or by copying an existing one. That's all well and good, but I'm missing how to apply the harness type to a specific step.

So, apologies if these are stupid questions, but:

1. If I'm looking at a given step or section, how can I tell what harness it's using?

2. How do I change the harness used by that step or section?

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