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Cognizant Technology Solution
Posted: March 10, 2017
Last activity: March 17, 2017

Need To know the name of underling Rule/Service or DB Table that populate data in "Rule Cache Management"(under advanced tab) at SMA

HI ,

In the "Rule Cache Management" of SMA(under "Advance" tab) we can fetch the details of Rule Cache Management.In this wizard, on providing "Rule Type" (and optionally Rule Name) as input , it generated details result as "Cache Hit" , "Hits per second" etc.

Can you provide the name of underling Pega Rule(if applicable)/Service or DB Table that populate this data ?

If we don't have(or limited) access to SMA, cant we access these data - may be by any custom Code/DB Operation etc. within Pega itself? (as SMA is not a Pega application rather an Struts based J2EE Application).

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