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Need to open Snapstart URL in new thread

I have a Snapstart activity that we're using to allow a link to be sent out by which users can access a section in the system which pulls back data based on parameters passed in through the URL.

If the user opens two of these links in different tabs and then goes back to the first one and refreshes it, it will refresh with the values for the second one opened. I have looked into this and found that this is because the two tabs are sharing a thread and when the second one is opened, it overwrites the values passed in for the first one. I need these two tabs to operate independently.

In my research on the PDN, I have found a suggestion to use the activity RedirectAndRun. When I try using this, it creates the new thread correctly and runs the setup activities in the new thread, but when it opens the new tab, the tab is back to running on the Standard thread.

Another suggestion I found was to close the old tab and open a new one. This does work, but we need for users to be able to have more than one tab open at once.

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