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Need PEGA SLA recommended setting on multi node clustered environment

We are facing broken assignments issues intermittently.

Could you please provide what are the recommended setting for the below on multi node clustered environment.

we have 14 Jboss server nodes, 12 nodes are in clustered , 2 independent batch servers.

Below are the default values we have in all environments(clustered/non clustered).

SLARefreshListEachIteration     - false

SLAUnitsToRetrieve - 100

SLAUnitsToProcess - 20

SLALockRetryInterval – 15 mins

Application Server :  Jboss EAP 6.4 , Database: Oracle 12 c    and  PEGA PRPC 7.2.1



Pega Platform 7.2.1 System Administration System Administrator
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