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Posted: December 23, 2016
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Need solution to handle Pega issues faced while Automating Testcases using Selenium

We are in process of automating Pega based application using an automation framework based on Selenium. We are facing Pega based issues that is blocking the automation execution. These issues are faced at multiple instances across all screens. But these are not repetitive but sporadic. When the same testcase is executed 10 times this issue occurs 2 to 4 times. Some of these issues occur manually too but sporadically. I have listed the issues below. This impacts the execution of several testcases. We are looking for solutions to handle these issues in Automation.

Issue #1 When a button is clicked, Pega didn't perform the intended action / functionality was not working. This issue is highly consistent / sporadic. Ex: Script clicks the next button but there is no response from the application. Expected action will be to load the next frame / page.

Issue #2 Fields getting refreshed while automation script type / select some value in the field. This refresh issue happens across all GUI objects sporadically. Ex: After the script sets value in a particular GUI object and move to the next object, the set value gets disappeared from the object as the application refreshes automatically.

Issue #3 Object properties including frame ids changeduring runtime within the same run. For this reason, script is not able to identify object and failsduring runtime.

Issue #4 Need the property of the object / icon that appears after clicking 'Next' while next page / frame gets loaded.

Issue #5 Calendar object is not rendering on the application. Script is able to identify the object and click it with its property but the object doesn't render after getting clicked.

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