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Need some insights before we recommend the Reports to our biz customer


We are using PRPC V722 in our current application. Our application is running on desktop and mobile versions. Of course, we have BIX reporting feature in it. Our BIX process is running on a different DB and is a separate instance altogether. We have archive DB for retrieving the old data from another DB instance. Currently, the biz is heavily using the BIX reports for their monitoring of data perspective though our biz is enough matured on Pega features since long time. Now we are planning to show case the Pega reporting feature to biz and for that we are using our functional DB from one of our non PRD environments. Before we go to biz, we would like to know the pros & cons of recommending the Reports feature from the application against current BIX reports in the current sys. The main area what we are looking is the performance impact while accessing the DB data (of course we have huge data in our functional DB) in terms of I/O access after we start using Reports feature from the application.

I would like more insights from the Pega experts to chime in our recommendation on Reports usage in our application. By the way, we don't have any Reports section so far or any reports created/used in our application since we started working on this application. But we have a RDE created to capture the daily data based on our biz logic and is being sent out from an agent in a nightly job fashion. I am familiar with Reports functionalities and the advantages of reports in the application based on my past experience. But I would like some advises from the experts to proceed further in this context. If any nice articles to recommend Reports feature from the product then that would be a great help for me.


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