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Need to understand what Pega changed in 8.4.1 Work-.GenerateID activity


1. We have two QA environments STG1 and STG2.

2. STG2 was cloned from STG1 and upgraded to Pega 8.4.1.

3. The pyLastReservedID in STG2's pc_data_uniqueid table shows a value of 12800. However I see cases generating with ID's like CF-8000 (which doesn't exist in STG2).

4. Also note that 8000 appears to be a random number, there are no cases in between range of 6000 to 8000

5. If I do a Private Edit of Work-.GenerateID of 8.4.1 and replace the java with 8.1.5 GenerateID code - it starts generating ID's from CF-12801

Wanted to understand what changes did Pega do to Generate ID in 8.4.1 ? Thanks.

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