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Arun Bamaniya (Arun_Bamaniya)

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Posted: March 15, 2017
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Needed information on CTI integration

Needed information on below pointers

1. We would like to have an estimate of the bandwidth necessary for the following applications:
- Citrix
- PEGA (the CRM itself)
- PEGA CTI events
i.e. How much bandwidth required if we have 1000 users connecting to system via CTI call.

2. Is it possible to break the implementation phase in two subphases, in order to make troubleshooting easier:
- PEGA with the CTI events, but still using the hardphone;
- PEGA with full CTI integration.

3. We would like to know how is the application going to behave in the following cases:
- If internet connection suffers high latency or packet losses during any part of the operation (e.g.: during a call, or during logon or logoff)
- If we lose connection with PEGA during a call, before logging in or before receiving a call;

4. What’s the CTI protocol that Avaya (our call provider) must use? (they are assuming it’s TSAPI but they didn’t find it stated in the documentation)

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