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Cheri Gaudet (gaudc)
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Cheri Gaudet
Measured Response LLC
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Measured Response LLC
Posted: March 22, 2021
Last activity: March 23, 2021

Negative/Neutral Response Configuration

I am looking for some guidance on the best way to configure negative responses for an outbound email adaptive model rule. I would like to modify the OOTB Email_Click_Through_Rate model that is associated with the Predict Outbound Email Propensity prediction, or just the prediction, if possible.

In our client's configuration, an external system sends the actions by email that are selected by CDH daily. This external system has its own rules that are similar to CDH channel limits, only they are more nuanced. The system identifies emails by category and has specific caps on the number of emails from each category that can sent each day.

Additionally, the system manages email campaigns for use cases that are not available in CDH. On any given day, a non-CDH campaign can trigger an email that results in a cap in the external system on the same category of email that CDH happens to select for a customer. This behavior is totally outside of our control. In these cases, a Pending interaction is logged in IH for that action, but CDH never receives a Send or Click response, because the email was suppressed by the external system's rules. This could also happen if the external system has an unsubscribe status that hasn't yet been ingested by CDH.

In those cases, the OOTB adaptive models will log an automatic negative response after the learning window expires, which I think is inappropriate. The ideal behavior would be to set a learning window, capture any Send or Click responses during that time, and if neither response is captured, log NoResponse (or don't log any outcome at all).

Does this make sense? What is the best way to configure this in 8.5? I don't see any option to designate neutral responses.

A simple solution might be to set the response timeout on the prediction to Indefinitely and update the negative outcome on the adaptive model rule to Send. If I do this, should I be concerned about the volume of data being stored?

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