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Posted: June 20, 2017
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No health messages observed in AES from PEGA 72 monitored nodes

Hi Team,

We are able to observe health messages from PEGA 6.x monitored nodes but not from PEGA 72 monitored nodes.

We have tried the below mentioned recommendations from one of the PDN article but couldnt solve the issue.

PDN article :

Problem: No health messages sent to the AES server
When no health messages are being sent to the AES server, either one or both of the following conditions might be the cause of this problem:

Legacy PRPC 6.x information for sending health messages to the AES server in the prlogging.xml and prconfig.xml files causes inconsistency.
The PegaAESREMOTE agent is not running on the monitored node.

AES : PEGA 7.2 version.

Please suggest.


Pradeep Pydi.

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