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Kagan Kaya (KaganKaya)

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Posted: September 24, 2020
Last activity: September 24, 2020

Not Able to Add Test Case Type in Pega Agile Studio 8.4


We have implemented Pega Agile Studio in Pega Platform 8.4.1 version and able to create Products, Sprints, Goals etc for project management. The application cases & data includes case types and enabled as below


Once I try to create a new test case got the below error:  

"There is no test type available in the system. Please add a test type by going to ProjectManagement -> Tools > Maintain Test Types."

Although TestSuite, TestCase, TestRun, TestExecution case types are enabled, we are not able to create a new case type from Pega Agile Studio Portal as the "Maintain Test Types" landing page is not available for with project manager & scrum master roles.( Wrt User Guide these 2 roles are expected to update "Tools" menu.)

As I have gone through the Pega Agile Studio 8.4 User Guide, the test cases functionalities are not included. Is there any way to view that "Maintain Test Types" landing page in Pega Agile Studio or to create test case types?  





Pega Agile Studio (FKA: Project Management Framework) 8.4 Case Management