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Rohit Sharma (RohitS7562)
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Orange Business Services - India
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Orange Business Services - India
Posted: January 8, 2020
Last activity: January 21, 2020

Not able to add Workbasket Records in Worklist report definition


I have a requirement where we have to display all open tasks from worklist and workbasket along with other information like country, region, work parties info and other stuff fro different classes.

So for this we create a report in Assign and join all the classes for the other info. And to show the tasks from worklist and workbasket we simply use properties in columns like .pxRefObjectInsName, .pxTaskName, .pxObjClass etc and in filter condition pass .pxObjClass = "Assign-Worklist" , "Assign-WorkBasket",

Now when we manually run the report then all the tasks come properly i.e., from both the tables worklist and workbasket. But when we run it from Manager portal (From Report Menu under Navigation) then only Worklist tasks are visible (this might be true because on short cut an OOTB activity runs in which Assign-Worklist is hardcoded under a java step)

So what we might be try to save as the same report in Assign-Workbasket class and use this report as a sub report in the Assign- report.

Now here we expect just to include all rows which come as a output of sub report. Not want to add any new column from the subreport as column is already present there. We just want to add rows and show all the tasks.

Is there any way to achieve this?


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