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Not able to Propage value from Covered Case to Cover Case


I have a cover case and covered case. When opening covered case am getting lock on cover case too ( i have unchecked do not lock cover case option in Case type rule). As part of my requirement i have to update some value on cover case from my covered case. Those are not aggregated properties. hence i have not used calculations tab. since i already have a lock on cover case i used data transform in my post processing of flow action in my covered case to update the properties in pyworkCover.

But those values are not getting saved in pyWorkCover. When i ran tracer i can see the values in pyWorkCover Page. But when i open the cover case i am not able to see those values .

Not sure what is the issue. and why the values are not persisting in pyWorkCover.

But After updating the values through Data transform if i manually save my covered case using "save " option am able to see those values in cover case. Also if i use declare trigger and do obj-save on pyWorkCover in trigger activity the values are persisting in cover case. I want to know why the simple data tranform approach is not working

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