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Not able to refer to data page with paramter


I have a Data Page which constructs a page list by Report Definition. This Data Page takes a parameter and passes it to Report Definition for filtering. Data Page is created successfully, however when I refer to this Data Page, system creates another Data Page without parameter and therefore it gives me a unwanted results. For example, if I create a list of work object whose status is "Resolved-Completed", I pass .pyStatusWork = Resolved-Completed to Data Page. This constructs D_CaseResolved[status:"Resolved-Completed"] (Code-Pega-List). In the database, there are two Resolved instances and the pxResults are two. Then, if I try to reuse this Data Page by activity, I am simply indicating D_CaseResolved but then system creates an additional Data Page D_CaseResolved[] (Code-Pega-List) and it gives me entire instances (more than two).

I found out that Data Page can be specified with [Parameter:Value] syntax but it is not allowing me to save the activity rule. How can I access this Data Page? Please see attached for details.


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