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Posted: September 1, 2020
Last activity: December 7, 2020

Not able to save ASO Domain information in Pega RunTime 19.1.43

We have migrated our bots from runtime 8.0.1082  to 19.1.43. We are utilizing the ASO domain property in saving local information for the bot. However, in 19.1.43, our bots are not able to retain information using this property. Other properties such as username and password is working as expected. This is only happening in runtime, and not in studio. I have tried to delete the ASO.db file and run the bot to save the information in domain, but same result.

We are primarily using the following ASO methods: AddApplication, ApplicationExists, SetDomain, GetDomain, SaveAsoFile

Has anyone encountered the same issue? Kindly help, thank you.


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