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Posted: April 7, 2017
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Not getting correct number of results in Database when a campaign is run by a real time event.

Hi All,

We are triggering a campaign via a real-time event. We are using the right-to-db feature in the offer shape. We are using a DBTemplate for saving the record. Even after confirming that the db template is up and running we are getting lesser number of records in the Database.

What I further observed is that when we are passing the customer id to a real time event, we can not see multiple entries for the same customer.

For example we are passing the following customer ids:-

11111, 11111 , 11111, 22222, 22222, 333333, 333333, 333333, 333333, 444444 ...

So we are passing the same customer id multiple times but when we check in DB there is a single entry for one customer id. As in this case we would have one entry for "111111" even though we have passed it more than once.

I changed the Pega OOTB activity "ExecuteEventRun" which is called from the real time event agent "ProcessEventRun" and logged a message into that with InfoForced to find out how many times the activity is executed. In the logs I could see that the message is appearing 18 times itself which is ideal as we were passing 18 customer ids(with repeatitions) . I checked the number of offers initiated by the campaign was 18 but in the db I found 6 records ,one for each unique customer id.

Thanks in advance!

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