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Notification Utility Shape not working

I have an flow in my case that runs several ootb notification utility shapes. All of them work except one, where I am experiencing several issues. Through tracing the notification queue and the operators that run the process to kick off the notification, I have discovered that the notification is not receiving any recipients and therefore does not get sent. When I look at the clipboard, however, the property used to query the data page exists and is accurate and when I run the data page with that parameter it returns the expected result. I have no idea why the notification rule would not be able to find the operator and append them as the recipient. This notification does work if I call pxNotify from a utility shape activity and directly reference the property containing the name of the user, but I would prefer to use ootb functionality if possible.

Notification Utility Shape:

Notification Utility Shape

Notification Definition:


Notification Recipients Parameters:

SupplierRejection Parameter Configuration


Clipboard pyWorkPage AppealedBy

  Clipboard pyWorkPage SupplierCode

GetOperator Data Page Run:

GetOperator Run

                                                                          GetOperator pxResults

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