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Gustavo Meza (GustavoM4801)
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Posted: December 3, 2020
Last activity: December 4, 2020

Number presentation format accepts character "E/e" and "-","+", I used an script in UserWorkForm and doesnt work on refresh

Hi All 

I have a requirement that in some fields the user can only input numbers but as i read it in the article is something related with the browsers and not form pega, however the recommend to run some script to prevent this in the html fragment UserWorkForm that runs in every harness and prevent that the user can imput any characters different form numbers,


it works fine but when i run any refresh action stop working 



i already try using an edit validate rule but since is an integer i didnt find the way to use a replace all;

i already try to create a customize control but, i have some required conditions that i need to have and the custom controls doesnt have a required when field ;

So is there any way to run the script in every refresh 


thanks in advance 

Pega Platform 8.6 User Experience Other Industry System Architect