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Francois Gaucher (COEPEGA1)
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Intact Financial Corporation
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Intact Financial Corporation
Posted: May 28, 2020
Last activity: June 10, 2020

OAuth2 REST Service


I'm able to define a Service REST that use Pega to create a token with a client_credentials grant type for the security. But, we want to externalise the management of the client identification to a specialized application. With Postman, I am able to generate my token and validate my token. Now, I'm trying to configure Pega to receive a token and ask to this application to validate the token received in the Rest Service.

But, the documentation is not clear about the suject, what I found is often for an user authentification, not for an application with a Service-Package authentification.

Im using Pega 7.3.1, is someone can help me, by sending documentation, example or at least, let me know what are the classes I must configure to be able to achieve this. I think I will have to do custom code to achieve it, but I don't even find where to do it.

I also have a open ticket about this subject (INC-129377), but they say this is an out of scope support question.


Thank you and best regards


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