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Srinivas Yelamanchili (yelas1)
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Posted: October 25, 2016
Last activity: November 14, 2016

Obj-Open-By-Handle Check if Lock exists

In an activity I have step 'Obj-Open-By-Handle' on a step page.
For the this method parameters I provided :
Instance Handle
Lock (checked)
ReleaseOnCommit (checked)
LockInfoPage (provided value LockInfoTemp1)

Now, the instance to be opened might already locked by the same user running this activity or others.
On the obj-open-by-handle step, I have jump condition so that when StepStatusFail is true it will go to a step that will print the values from LockInfoTemp1 page.

However, when I run the activity it terminates at the obj-open-by-handle call and registers in the pega log as:
"Exception java.lang.NullPointerException at "

The tracer however shows 'Already Owned Lock'. This message is not available in the pega rules log.

Why is the obj-open-by-handle step exit the activity instead of being handled by the Jump statement?

Please find the attached screenshot.

Also, in some cases I noticed LockInfoTemp1 is not created or is empty. Is the lock info page only created when the check box Lock is enabled AND obj-open fails because of an existing lock?

If the 'Lock' checkbox is left unchecked, can we still open it if it's locked by another user? Does obj-open-by-handle succeed in this case?


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