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Srinivas Yelamanchili (yelas1)
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Posted: October 19, 2016
Last activity: July 20, 2017

Obj-Save with deferred write, check if success

We have an activity of type Utility that creates a new page (TargetPage) and does obj-save. 'WriteNow' is unchecked (the Help doc recommends to leave this unchecked for activities of type utility)


1. Page-New -> TargetPage
2. Apply DT on TargetPage
3. Obj-Save -> TargetPage
(WriteNow, withErrors, OnlyIfNew are all Unchecked)
If stepStatusFail then go to LogError else PageRemove step

4. LogSuccess (and go to PageRemove step) -> hardcoded 'Success' message, for debugging
5. LogError -> hardcoded 'Failure' message, for debugging
6. Page-Remove -> TargetPage

Now, we have cases where the obj-save didn't throw any StepStatusFail but no data was committed to the target table. It logged success (step4) and removed the target page. This 'false success' happens only in few instances.

For deferred write operations, does the StepStatusFail in the obj-save step hold any value to check if the write succeed? I mean, it's deferred write and if the write isn't committed yet the StepStatusFail in this step will not have any info on how the write happened.

In the last step we are doing Page-Remove, what happens if the deferred write is not yet commited by this time? If the page is removed the deferred write can still succeed later?

How to check status if the deferred write has committed successfully (whenever it happens eventually)?

Data Integration Java and Activities
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