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Anton Shlyapugin (AntonS39)
Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii

Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
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Lanit Laboratoriya Novykh Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii
Posted: March 25, 2021
Last activity: March 25, 2021

Offlinable check try to create case which already blocked


We met the following problem, when we try to migrate from pega 7.2.2 to pega 8.5.2:

In our application we have main work class MainWorkClass (concrete class)

We also have MainWorkClass-SubclassA, MainWorkClass-SubclassB and MainWorkClass-SubclassA-SubSubClassC (all classes concrete)

MainWorkClass-SubclassB - deprecated class (and it`s caseType pyDefault - blocked)

Somewhere in process we create MainWorkClass-SubclassA-SubSubClassC and pega fails on problem flow: it says it finds blocked rule pyDefault in class MainWorkClass-SubclassB

I guess, there a defect in pega system, and thats why:

Due to tracer we are in the following situation:

1. When we create MainWorkClass-SubclassA-SubSubClassC pega starts run DataTransforms pyDefault (it is with call superclass checkbox and it should be)

2. Pega run pyDefault in classes @baseclass, after in Work-, after in Work-Cover- and here pega fails:

3. It runs @(Pega-Survey:PegaSurveyUtilities).IsCaseOfflinable() (step 5.1) and due to tracer pega tries to create bunch of work- classes, including our MainWorkClass-SubclassB (probably it doesnt create this classes, but want to find extra information about all work classes)

Extra information:

Due to pega internal sources, I guess the problem appears in OfflineUtils class:

1. In @(Pega-Survey:PegaSurveyUtilities).IsCaseOfflinable() we call OfflineUtils.IsCaseOfflinable(),

2. Inside OfflineUtils we have a method init(), I guess it runs every time we create new instance of OfflineUtils class

3. inside OfflineUtils().init() we have a method OfflineUtils.getOfflineCases(), probably that last method try to get information from all work cases and that one method fails when it try to get information about MainWorkClass-SubclassB (since last one has blocked pyDefault rule)

But Im not sure about correctnes of extra information, since it is internal pega sources and it hard to check all hypothesis, but problem appears anyway

Can you help me?

Is this indeed defect in pega system and I need to create SR-?

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