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Mohammed Tafazal (MohammedT9323)

MohammedT9323 Member since 2019 2 posts
Posted: March 26, 2021
Last activity: March 26, 2021

One machine- 2 processes - both should be run on scheduled time period.

Once VDI machine/Robot.

Have a Robot Manager 8.4 and also RPA service enabled.

2 unattended processes developed - 2 different workgroups

2 worksgroups - 1 registration operator only ( pyGetCandidateWorkGroupByDispatchOperator decision table) is also set.

The 2 processes should run on one machine with proper scheduling.

1st process should run for 1st 2 weeks and it should be stopped and 2nd process should run for next 2 weeks. 

Both have to be scheduled and should run for an year?

How to first schedule a 1st process to automatically start and how to move the VDI machine/Robot to 2nd process for next 2 weeks?

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