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One Radio Button Selection out of a list

Hi All- I recently develop a radiobutton for pagelist. There was no OTB function/feature for this. So i customize. I am sharing this to help who are facing the same challenge . At the same time please suggest if you have any better approach.

Step 1: create two property. One will be trueFalse(SelectionType.png) another test with PromptList blabk row(Selection.png).

Step 2: Create section as Image Capture1.png.and use Selection property for radiobuttion fot both the layout. And keep visibility condition on each layout like below.SelectionType==true and SelectionType==false

Step3: Write a data transform on click/on change of radio button. Where you need to set true for the current page and make false for all other page.

Capture 2.PNG is the view. This is perfectly working for me.Please ask your doubts and share if you have better approach.Thanks

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