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Norman Veit (NormanV9)
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Posted: November 30, 2016
Last activity: January 25, 2017

Open Assignment Issue

Hello All,

i want to open a subcase in a new Tab. I have configured a button on parentcase with a click event and several actions!

Action 1:

First i run an activity (see screen) which calls "pxAddChildWork" and i also use an Obj-Browse for an AssignmentList where i am getting the ".pxRefObjectKey". Afterwards i am storing the data key "AssigmentList.pxResults(1).pzInsKey" into a normal property for example .Placeholder.

See Activity:



Action 2:

Refresh Current Harness


Action 3:

Open Assignment i want to use .Placeholder as Child Assignment Key.


If i am clicking the button the new tab will be initiated with the subcase but everytime it opens previous case!

For Example Current Subcase FC100, after pressing button the current subcase has to be FC101 but Open Assignment opens FC100 and so on...

I have tried to use a placeholder property for child assignment key where i remove their value at first step during processing the button action but without success.


maybe someboday has an advise?

thanks a lot (Pega 7.1.7)

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