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Posted: July 30, 2020
Last activity: August 12, 2020

Open a case from URL in the tab list in a new session, without having previously opened objects from previous sessions


Our need is to open an object in pega from an external URL without causing a refresh with the old session opened in pega in order not to lose all the work in progress and changes done, and to have the multiple tab shown without having the previous opened objects of the old session in the new one.

Reproduction :

  1. Having an opened (browser session 1) where we have multiple objects opened and some work in progess
  2. Open another object from a URL (browser session 2) without having the opened objects of (browser session 1) in the tab list .
  3. Navigate between the 2 browser sessions and having full control on doing all the actions on the different objects.

What we did for now is customizing a snapstartcustom that opens the new object passed in the URL, and passed a new thread name with the use of redirect and run in order to fix the refresh problem between the 2 browser sessions. but in order to try to open the object without the recent objects, we tried to run pega.desktop.closeAllDocuments(event); in the snap start custom, it worked and opened the article alone, but if we navigate to the old session in order to continue the work in progress, we lose control on the objects because we closed them in the new thread.

is there a way to achieve our need?

is there a way to totally separate or remove the link between the 2 sessions?  

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