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Open individual session for assignments based on application

Brief Description

Open individual session for assignments based on application

Detailed Description

To open assignments of different application from an operator session who has multiple access groups associated .
Approach is to form an URL with an activity and the required parameters to open an assignment as parameters.
1) Is it possible to open different threads in the same session with different application context.
Need to open different assignments in different threads which are from different applications in the same session.
2) Is it possible to open different session for each application and make use of it for all the work items based on the application
The first approach creates multiple sessions. It would be better if we can open session for each application(per access group) and open assignments in appropriate session.

Steps to Reproduce

Create an operator and add access groups to it.
Try to open the assignments created from different applications assigned to the operator in same session by switching the access group.

Error Message

No error message

Attempted Solutions

Created a URL which has pyActivity param and params for the activity(ID and accessgroup)
Activity which is given in the param makes use of the params and switch the context using RedirectAndRun activity. After switching the context GetWorkByID activity is used to open assignment in Review mode.
Tried to open two different URL's from the same session, as it is a single session the requestor context is overwritten with the latest one all the time because of which I can't work on them in parallel.

Now trying to open different session per application is not solving the issue.

Any other solutions for this requirement?

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