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Posted: September 8, 2020
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Open JDK Support in Windows Platform

I was wondering if it is recommended to go with Open JDK 8 in the Windows Platform? The Java version matrix in the platform support guides say Open JDK 8 is supported from Pega version 7.3.1 onwards, however there is a statement in the 8.4 Platform Support Guide in Page 16, point number 9 that says "On the Windows platform, use an Oracle JDK for all application servers other than WebSphere." This statement is quite generic in nature and does not specify a Pega version like 7.x or 8.x, therefore I assume it applies to all Pega versions and not limited to Pega 8.x.

Also, Unlike Oracle JDK, there are different vendors that offer Open JDK like the RedHat, Zulu, AdoptOpenJDK etc.. It is not possible to list the support for every single Open JDK vendor but keen to know what the support policy is. Is the Pega recommended Open JDK limited to the product available in the ?

I greatly appreciate if somebody could clarify these.





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