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Open work by handle does not show my section in the flow


I have a class named Students.

I made a case to make a student, that Have stages: A-B-C-D-E

Now I made a landing page, that opens a grid with the list of students and a create button that makes a new student.

Whenever I click create, I get redirected to the case and stages and everything is perfect.

However If I go to the grid I made, and Click on a row (it have the action: open work by handle) I see the flow with the stages above and highlihted which stage I am at. However my section does not appear.


In stage B: I have a section where I should fill the name and age of the student.

1-I create a new student, the flow start and section A appears,

2-I click submit and go to stage B, now Stage B appears and in the stages tab stage B is highlighted inticating which stage I am at.

3-I go back to the landing page.

4-I click on the student I just created (that we reached stage B and left)

5-flow opens with the stages tab, B is highlighted indicating we are in stage B, but the section B does not appear.

note that this happens to any stage and not only stage B

Any help would be much appreciated!


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