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OpenAssignment: reload on every interaction

I'm facing the following situation: I have MyWorklist section with my assignments in list. When I click on row, it opens the assignment. I make some changes and submit it. Confirm harness is shown. Then i open another assignment. And then I again open first assignment from the list (assuming I submitted local action and pzInsKey has not changed). And it opens Confirm harness again, without possibility to edit.

I have discovered that,for example, openWorkByHandle function has checkbox "reload on every interaction", that forces to re-open WO even if it exists in Recents cache. But there is no such for openAssignment,despite that I added this flag to Embed-Desktop-OpenAssignment class and it is shown as parameter.

That's all i'm using in PegaCRM, which I changed a lot but still using crm portals, skins, scripts, and so on

May be I can supply some parameter to openassignment js function?

Also, I tried calling activity doUIAction, with required parameters, but it fails in sub-activity acquireWorkObject, saying virtual lists unsupported or smth else like this.

Great thanks for any advice!

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