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Opening an SAP client with context with a button


So here at the client I'm currently working at we're implementing a process where some Assignments (and the flow actions they are allowing) basically consists in telling the assignee (s)he has to perform some action on a SAP system.

The action is not performed with the Flow Action (no data is actually captured and then transmitted to SAP through a connector or anything).

And it is a requested feature that, in addition to telling the assignee what action is to be performed in SAP, the flow action is providing a way (a button would be best) for the user to launch the SAP client (that is present on all users workstations) and passing some contextual information to position the SAP client on the right screen.

This is supposed to be done by opening a file with a specific .sap extension. This extension is associated to the SAP client and therefore opening it is launching the client, with the content of the file setting the context.

I'm a little bit puzzled here. I'm not sure how to do that.

I had this idea of using an Activity creating the content of the file and using a Connect File to create the file with the .sap extension.

But then the question is: how to open this file with a click of a button considering the file is created on the server (I guess) and is to be opened on the client.

And maybe someone has a better design...

I'm open to any and all suggestion.




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