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Openspan, How to Print a document present in a file location using printDocument

I have a requirement to print a pdf document present in a file location.

What i have tried so far..

1. Set the default printer on the machine to the printer to which i want to print the doc.

2. In the automation, dragged a printDocument control from tool box,

3. Initialized the documentName property of the control with the absolute file path(including the filename)

4. Dragged the print method of printDocument control.

I am seeing a notification that the document is sent to the printer (on the bottom right side in the system tray)

5. When i physically check if the document is printed, it prints a blank document.

Did some research on C# script where they have advised to use a even handler for PrintPage event.

I am trying to understand how can i achieve my requirement using the ootb controls using prindDocument or anything else which is present, instead of a C# script

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