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OpenSpan Runtime Deployment directory and miscellaneous files


I have a project where I am using a customized .xml file which is necessary for the solution to run. This XML file can be/should be allowed to change based on what we want the solution to support, for example, we can change the language from English to French and vice Versa.

I know I can add that file as a miscellaneous file and get the path at Runtime but that would mean the .xml file would be a part of the package and not outside it. I want the file to be outside the .openspan package and not inside it because the change can be managed easily or by someone else who has access to that folder.How can I achieve this?

I have attached a screenshot where I can see that a folder option is present under miscellaneous file dialog. Can I know what is the function of the Folder there?

What does 'File folder expanded at runtime' mean?

Thank you

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