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Tom Overton (ThomasO0)
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Posted: June 15, 2020
Last activity: June 23, 2020

Openspan studio issue - 7.1.x will not use it's own Newtonsoft.json

Dear Pega,

In Openspan studio 7.1.x I can not get a script to see, and use Openspan's own Newtonsoft.json that comes installed.  I created the attached script to make my needed call to a JSO REST API.  I obtain the results, but I can not use JSON objects, and classes to desrialize the returned data.  You can't see that the last using statement says "using Netwonsoft.Json;".

I added screenshot showing Newtonsoft is in the references.

When I then click on the "Validate" button to validate the script it throws this attached error.

How do I fix this Openspan 7.1.x Studio issue so that I can use Newtonsoft.json in scripts?

      Thanks, Tom


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