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Posted: June 5, 2018
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The operators for KPIs for Marketing Campaign are not working as intended


When I create a campaign and provide goals for the same, Pega Marketing user guide says that the operator displayed between the goal field and the target value should automatically toggle (between >= and <=) depending on whether higher or lower performance of the goal metric is the desirable result. For example, the Outbound Conversion Rate goal utilizes the >= operator while the Decline Rate goal utilizes the <= operator.

But unfortunately, it is not working as intended, and the operator stays fixed at >= irrespective of the goal that I select. For a goal like Decline Rate, >= operator does not make any sense. If anyone has any clue why is it happening like that, or if there are any hotfixes available , please let me know.

Pega Marketing version --> 7.22

Pega version --> 7.2.2

Thanks in advance.

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