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Optimistic locking - subcase is not update in case


We have implemented in Pega 7.1.5 default locking for our case types.

Whenever I access a subcase from the case and resolve it, when I go back to the case and refresh it, the subcase status is refreshed as well.

Now we are trying to change to optimistic locking but now the subcase status doesn't get refreshed in the same scenario. Looks like subcase is not updating the case correctly.

When I run the tracer it works fine so I haven't been able to determine the cause.

Proper scenario goes like this:

Create parent case

Create subcase

open parent case

access subcase from parent case

Resolve the subcase

close the subcase (takes me back to parent case)

refresh the parent case

check subcase status and its not updated to closed.

Could it be that the optimistic locking functionality has certain problems when the parent case is open? or is it some extra configuration required in the case types?

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