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Optimum DB connections for PegaRULES DB as a JNDI

I have an V5.5 application which has a total of 42 JVM's (36 User Nodes and 6 Agents Nodes). A total of 50 Agents run in the Application (including Pega default Agents).

The frequency of most of the Agents is every 30sec, but some have a frequency of every 4 hrs or per day as well.

Most of the work objects gets created via Batch Processes (i.e Agents). A total of around 45k work objects gets created on a daily basis.

The total number of users in the Application are around 1800~, which maximum number of concurrent users being around 400-500~.



1. Right now, the PegaRULES connection is in prconfig.xml, which no mention of max connections. Does it assume unlimited connection pools available.

2. We plan to shift the PegaRULES connection setting as a JNDI on Websphere, what should be the number of max connections which should be given in Data Source Connection Pool properties for PegaRULES.

3. Should PegaRULES data source be configured at a Cell Level/Node Level on Websphere? What should be the number of connections, if it is defined at a cell level (Number of connections*number of of JVM's in that cell?)

4. How do Connection pools get used or created, whether it is a User logging in or a Agent processing something.

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