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Options to take and attach screenshots in Pega 7.3.1 (browser neutral)

We currently have an out-of-the-box feature in production (Pega 7.1.8) which allows the user to take a screenshot and attach it to a claim.

It uses the Screen Capture Feature through the AttachAScreenShot flow action. From my understanding this only works in IE 32-bit because it uses some ActiveX controls and/or an add-on (see links below).

Because we're upgrading to Pega 7.3.1 and aiming to go browser neutral (meaning many users will be using Chrome or Edge) we're trying to find new options to perform the same actions. Ideally we'd like something better than manually saving a screenshot locally and then uploading the file to Pega.

Have any improvements been made to the AttachAScreenShot flow action and/or the Screen Capture Feature?

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