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Posted: April 1, 2020
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Orphan Case Type

Hello: I believe I have an orphaned Case Type. Please note, I am using Pega 8.2.1.

After creating the Case Type, I began adding the Stages, and Steps.

On one particular step, it asked for a required field, but there was no data available in the drop down. It actually gave a Server Error, there. I did click Save, on the Form.

After that, the Case Type rule would no longer load, in DEV Studio. So, I went in and deleted the Rule itself.

I then did a RESTORE on the deleted Record. I did NOT choose 'Remove from Create menu'

Now, the Case Type is not showing in Case Types, but it is showing in the Portal. So, in the Portal, I am able to create a new Case, with this Case Type. How do I remove it from still showing in the Portal?

Also, when I try to add back this Case Type, it says it already exists. Although, it is not showing in DEV Studio.

Can you please help me with removing this orphaned Case Type?

Please see Screenshots, attached.

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